Cars, food, and summer fun. That is what New Mexico Motors has in store for the annual NM Cruise this year.

Normally the event is held in Las Vegas, NM, but this year the event’s destination is Belen. The cruise itself will start at Cafe Bella Coffee in Rio Rancho and will make several stops on the way to Belen, where a car show and competition will be held for New Mexico’s finest vehicles.

What is important to remember that these cars are different brands, years, classes, and might have some modifications. Either way, if the owner thinks their car is cool, it will be there.

The competition keeps the diversity of vehicles in mind, too. There will be different custom-made trophies for different classes of vehicle.

Last year hundreds of vehicles showed up and lined the streets of Las Vegas. This year NM Motors Founder, Michael Gonzales, hopes to have the same turnout, maybe more.

“People love the cruise because it is inclusive, not exclusive,” Gonzales said.

The important part, though, is that the car show is for a local food drive. Gonzales reminds people that the Belen area needs some support from the rest of us. For people to show their car it is $40 to register. The show itself is open and free to anyone, though. However, donations are always accepted.

“We are happy to provide support to local families,” he said.

Plus Belen is only an hour away from Rio Rancho.

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