This is my body and it is my choice — Barbara Jordan, Rio Rancho


On the same night that Roe v. Wade got overturned by the Supreme Court, hundreds of people gathered at Tiguex Park to express their anger, sadness and fear over the decision. 

Individuals from every county including Sandoval County were there to hear from the governor and many other state representatives. There were also people from the Indigenous Women’s Organization, Planned Parent Hood and gynecologists. 

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham reassured the group that New Mexico will still be a state that allows abortions even after the Supreme Court ruling. 

“Everyone needs to vote. I need you every day so we can fight this,” she said.

That was when things started to get rowdy.

The crowd started to chant “We Will Not Go Back!” All around the massive group there were signs with that same phrase and a picture of a wire hanger.  

This was a symbol for before Roe v. Wade in the 1950’s, when millions of women used coat hangers to perform their own unsanitary abortions. Many women died from infection and complications from this improper method. Those who did not were shunned by society, arrested if discovered and in extreme cases faced the death penalty.

The difference now is women can travel to another state and get a legal abortion if needed. 

One woman performs them every day for women as an OBGYN. Doctor Smita Carroll spoke at the rally saying she is proud to help anyone in need. 

“I hope to have a world where health care is equitable, available, and free,” she said.

Watch the crowd as Dr. Carroll Speaks

As one of the last people to speak, former Rio Rancho mayoral candidate Barbara Jordan said she was hopeful in spite of the news. 

“I promise I will not stay quiet about my morals and beliefs about abortion rights,” she said. 

Jordan got angry and passionate then. She repeated the phrase that had been chanted throughout the night: “I will not go back!” and continued to shout. 

“This is my body and it is my choice,” she said.