Joseph Brown, about 26, of Albuquerque, was arrested for shoplifting, battery upon a peace officer and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer at Target on Crestview Drive Oct. 21.

Officers were called to the store for potential shoplifting on a report that a man was tampering with merchandise, pulling items of locked security hooks and concealing them in his jacket.

Officers met with loss prevention, where they were able to watch the man (Brown) as he grabbed numerous electronic items and place them in a store bag he had grabbed while walking in the store. He passed all points of sale without payment and exited the building.

At this time, officers confronted the man outside of the store. When they commanded Brown to stop, he ran away and officers pursued. At one point, Brown then turned and threw the bag of merchandise at an officer’s head. Eventually, they were able to detain Brown and return the merchandise, valued at over $700, to the store.

Brown, if convicted, will face up to four years or more in prison.