Martin Martinez, left, a resident of Rio Rancho for 13 years, stopped at Rio Rancho Mail, Print & Ship near Albertsons to print a picture. Business owner Curtis McCann is assisting him. The shop opened just before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in New Mexico. Amy Byres photo.

(This is another article in a series by staff writer Amy Byres, who will be checking in on local businesses to see how they are faring during the pandemic.)

Rio Rancho Mail, Print & Ship made money in December, but that was the only month the year-old business was in the black, said owner Curtis McCann.
McCann opened his business in February 2020. He learned a lot about what works for his business and what does not. A powerful tool he discovered was social media, McCann said.
Through trial and error, McCann learned buying Facebook ads does not work, but his customer base is abundant on the social-media site Nextdoor. Buying Google ads was also helpful.
“It is picking up; my customer base is getting better,” he said.
The shop has not been eligible for many grants and loans due to being so new.
“I am optimistic but still uncertain,” he said. “As long as things stay tied down the way they are, it is not going to work.”
To be successful this year, McCann said he needs customers.
“I have a few customers that are loyal, very loyal, and they come in here all the time,” he said.
He was excited to meet new customers during the holidays. He wants people to know the shop is a “one-stop shop” for postal and printing needs.
The shop also offers notary services, balloons and cards.
He wants to be able to accept UPS packages, but the corporation will not allow it because he is too close to the UPS store near Smith’s Food and Drug Store.
“The auto parts store can accept UPS packages, but I can’t,” he said. “I think that is the oddest thing that they can take UPS packages but I can’t.”
He turns away about 25 customers a day because of this. McCann is hoping he can change UPS’s mind to allow him to accept those extra customers.
With Rio Rancho having one post office, he wants people to know he offers postal services without the long line.
“It is not just the one post office anymore; people can come here,” McCann said.
Mail, Print & Ship is near Albertsons at 4300 Ridgecrest Drive, Ste. L. Call 896-8000 for more information or search for the shop on Nextdoor.