Joselynn Gonzalez competed at the USA Gymnastics: She was the level five all-around champion and the vault champion. (Photo courtesy of Brianna Gonzalez)


I was always so amazed ever since I was little, like, of watching the Olympics on TV — Joselynn Gonzalez


Rio Rancho gymnast Joselynn Gonzalez finished the 2022 season as state champion in vault, and the state champion in the level five all-around.

Gonzalez trains level seven at G Force Gymnastics in West Side Albuquerque. However, Gonzalez has only been doing competitive gymnastics for two years.

“She has skipped through four levels in two years, which is incredible, she went from zero to one hundred so fast,” said G Force coach Courtney Mosher. “There are just some kids that it comes so natural to them.”

Mosher has been a coach at G Force Gymnastics for eight years, and knows the tough demands of gymnastics.

“Outside of physical strength, you need a lot of mental strength. It’s hard, but it does give you confidence outside of the gym. It gives you confidence in everything,” Mosher said.

According to Mosher, one of the hardest things about gymnastics is that it is four completely different sports rolled into one.

“You have floor (which is tumbling, dance, acrobatics, flexibility), then you have vault (which is all speed, strength, leg strength), then you have beam (which has you flipping on a four-inch surface that requires bravery in itself), and bar (you need grip strength, arm strength, all of it),” Mosher said.

Even though Gonzalez started at G Force two years ago, her motivation to train started many, many years ago.

At the age of four, Gonzalez used YouTube to learn how to do a back hand spring. Before her competitive career, Gonzalez relied on YouTube to teach her gymnastics.

“I was always so amazed ever since I was little, like, of watching the Olympics on TV,” Gonzalez said. “I remember saying ‘I want to do that!’”

This year, Gonzalez hopes to make it to regionals, and beyond that earn a spot on the Olympic team.

“In five or 10 years, I would really want to be at UCLA and the Olympics,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez has natural talent, a great work ethic, a good head on her shoulders, and on top, that she has the support of her team.

“It’s just an amazing world to be in, especially if you’re younger in age like me and my friends, you have a lot of girls to look up to in the higher levels,” Gonzalez said.