The Shariff family (Facebook)
Joe’s Pasta House has been sold to the Shariff family.
The family sent a letter on Facebook confirming the acquisition.
“We are the Shariff Family and the new owners of Joe’s Pasta House. We are honored as a family to own, operate, and manage this iconic restaurant. Our number one goal and promise is to maintain the authenticity, quality, and traditions of Joe’s Pasta House and to continue to create amazing experiences and memories with you all,” the post said.
According to General Manager Andrea Hall, nothing will change about the menu, the restaurant or the staff. It will still be Joe’s Pasta House.
Nadeem Shariff will be the owner operator, along with Hall and Chef Rick Koenig.
“We are so grateful for the community of people that have been longstanding customers of Joe’s Pasta House. You are part of the Joe’s Pasta House family, and you add to the wonderful atmosphere. If you see us around, please introduce yourself and say hello! Humbled and excited to start this new journey with you all – Cheers!” the letter said.