New Mexico Senate Republican Whip Craig Brandt requested a special message from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for Senate Bill 158 to be considered during the 2022 Legislative Session, according to a press release.

Brandt, who represents Rio Rancho in District 40, sponsored SB 158, known as “Glory’s Law,” which prohibits discrimination against transplant recipients solely based on their physical or mental disability.

Craig Brandt

“Every life deserves equal treatment under law. This is not a complicated bill or a difficult concept. This is basic human decency,” Brandt said in the release. “Discrimination against the disabled has reared its ugly head in other states and now is the time to ensure it never happens in ours. We will not stand for the creation of second class citizens. Every life is worth saving and every person deserves a shot at life to the fullest.”

During a 30-day session, the legislature may only consider budget legislation and bills that receive a special message from the Governor.