NM Cruise founder, Michael Gonzales, gives his opening speech.


NM Cruise 2022 was a success.

It rained(a lot), but people had fun in spite of it.

Cars filled up Becker Avenue in Belen and it got even more packed when the spectators rolled in. It was something that Belen had not seen for a very long time.

It was a well-deserved car show for a town in need.

There were people walking around with waffles and brisket sandwiches, stopping to admire the cars. Families, couples and dogs roamed freely.

There were classic, vintage, foreign and new vehicles from all over New Mexico including some from Rio Rancho. The founder of the event, Michael Gonzales, runs the coffee house, Cafe Bella, in Rio Rancho where he holds weekly car meets every Friday.

Oh, and there was a track car that drew the masses with it’s wild color scheme. Everyone got a chance to sit in the driver’s seat.

Every car, like it’s driver, had a personality and characteristic that made it unique.