The election winners pose for a photo before the ceremony to commemorate their success. (Michaela Helean)


The Sandoval County winners of the 2022 election swore in Dec. 30 for the start of the legislative session.

“This is not an easy job, and I admire each and every one of you for taking on the responsibility,” Chief District Court Judge George Eichwald said.

Eichwald would go on to swear in every winner present at the Sandoval County Administration building.

Some were not present due to the weather and travel issues or because they were sick.

Because of this, the offices present were allowed to speak after the ceremony.

Married couple Alan Martinez and Allison Martinez swore in together, as he was elected for New Mexico House of Representatives District 23 (Corrales) and she was elected as a 13th Judicial District Court Judge (Sandoval County).

“I am so proud of my wife and am grateful for her support,” Martinez said.

District 44 state Rep.-elect Kathleen Cates held her own book to swear in with but said she felt the thousands of supporters behind her in spirit.

“I am so proud to be the representative of this great county,” she said.

Jesse James Casaus was grateful to be re-elected as sheriff.

“We have a lot of plans, and I hope we make more and more progress,” he said.

The county commissioners said much of the same.

“I am looking forward to the bipartisan work we get to do,” re-elected Commissioner Catherine Bruch said.

All new officials were joined by their families to celebrate with a potluck after the ceremony.