Sandoval County Treasurer Jennifer Taylor announced she will run for re-election in 2024 on this month at Kaktus Brewing Company in Bernalillo.

Taylor’s Chief Deputy Treasurer, Jessica McParlin, introduced Taylor during the event as a leader who has made positive changes in an effort to build the morale of the office.

“What I love most about Jennie is her heart; she is a true public servant and will do anything within her power to help her constituents while still supporting her staff.” McParlin said.

McParlin highlighted some community service projects that Taylor has organized since she’s been in office, including a mobile home ramp project for a local Bernalillo resident, a food and toy drive during the holiday season for two consecutive years and a fire relief drive to help those impacted by the wildfires in 2022.

Taylor has worked consistently with various members of our local indigenous communities and recently been appointed a member of the Finance, Pension, and Intergovernmental Affairs Steering Committee for the National Association of Counties Organization. Taylor was also unanimously elected the secretary of the New Mexico Association of Counties’ Treasurer’s Affiliate.

During her announcement speech, Taylor reported “the most remarkable collection rate” the county has seen in the past two years under her administration as well as the accelerated and strategic earnings that the county’s investment portfolio has received during the challenging market since COVID.

“Our investments are still thriving even in this volatile market. Our current portfolio is sitting at $117 million ,” Taylor said. “This includes money that is earning interest in our interest-bearing checking accounts at 4%. We’ve been extremely strategic in our investment strategies, and it’s all thanks to the team that I’ve worked so hard to cultivate in the past two years.”

Taylor shared plans to implement a program to encourage high school juniors and seniors to become more involved in local government.

The Junior County Treasurer Program will launch in the fall semester of 2023. One high school junior and one senior will be selected to act as a junior treasurer for the semester and, once all requirements have been completed, will receive a plaque of recognition at a county commission meeting.

Taylor has been working in the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office since November 2017 and was appointed as chief deputy treasurer in February 2019. She is a certified public official (CPO) and certified treasury official (CTO) through New Mexico State University’s NM EDGE program. Prior to being elected, she had the experience and training in several areas of the Treasurer’s Office, including investments, distribution, bond payments and assisting taxpayers. Taylor received 39,025 votes, setting a record and winning by the largest margin in November 2020.