Sandoval County Commissioners  voted on road development, improvement of public offices including the sheriff’s office, and a Professional Services Agreement between Sandoval County and Corr Health for Jail Health Services.

Funding for the county’s schools was also approved.

RRO LogoSanta Ana Pueblo has also been granted ownership of the deed to North West Loop. They are the rightful receivers of the land. The county acquired land from the King Ranch for the Northwest Loop Road.  The deed includes a clause saying if the road was not built, the land would revert to the grantor. Santa Ana is the successor in interest and has asked for a deed reverting this land.  Their attorney drafted the deed.

The commission also formed an agreement to terminate the county’s lease of a soccer field on Santa Ana Pueblo. Santa Ana Pueblo leased a soccer field to the county which then subleased it.  These documents will terminate the county’s lease so that Santa Ana can lease it directly to the soccer organization. Santa Ana must go the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the county must go to the Board of Finance.

The main point of the general meeting was to approve the budget for the next fiscal year. This agreement goes into effect in 2023. The next general meeting will be on August 24.

The meetings can be watched live on