New Mexico’s primary election is Tuesday.

The Observer asked candidates for Sandoval County offices and New Mexico Legislature seats representing Sandoval County to complete questionnaires explaining their priorities, qualifications and views on topics in the public eye.

Candidates were held to a 450-word limit. If responses surpassed that limit, the answers were cut from the bottom until they were 450 words long. Otherwise, responses were not edited.

Candidates in this edition have no primary opposition, but may have an opponent in the general election in November. For candidates with primary opposition, check the May 24 Observer or visit


Joshua Joe Jimenez

Joshua Joe Jimenez

Residence:  Valencia County

Past and present occupation(s): Managing Partner at Payne and Jimenez, Prosecutor (Associate, Assistant, Senior, Deputy)

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or DWI?


If elected, what will your top priorities be?

My top priorities are to stop the revolving door of crime, get predators and violent career criminals off the streets, maximize our use of functional rehabilitative programs, and boost the utility of the criminal justice system through community outreach and efforts with our law enforcement and prosecutors.

Why should you be elected to this position?

I have the better plan to strengthen criminal prosecutions in the 13th Judicial District. During my 9+ years experience prosecuting all degrees of crime, as a supervisor in two DA’s offices, and as managing partner in a private law firm, I have learned there are better ways to fight crime.  I am an innovator who is not stuck in the past.  I can bring progressive systems to the office that will make our communities safer for all.

What, if anything, would you like to see changed about the district attorney’s office, and how would you accomplish that?

This DA’s office must modernize evidence collection to decrease case dismissals. Updated technology is not being used to protect children or to identify predators and violent offenders; this must change immediately.  I will work with victim advocate and law enforcement agencies to identify and successfully prosecute predators and violent career criminals.  The process for prosecuting cases must be sped up by this DA’s office; justice delayed is justice denied.

What strengths, if any, does the DA’s office currently have, and how would you support them?

There are good staff members and attorneys that work in the DA’s office.  My plan to improve the  systems, procedures, training and focus of the DA’s office will further help support and retain employees.  The support we provide to the office will result in better prosecutions and safer communities.

What is your philosophy on representing the citizens as the top prosecuting attorney in the judicial district?

I am committed to improving the criminal justice system in New Mexico. As a father of three young children and as a native New Mexican, I care deeply about our community and the security of all its citizens.  Prosecutors have a high ethical duty to seek justice for all parties; I have been committed to that credo from the time I was a young prosecutor.