The team of dogs working at Sandoval County Fire and Rescue put on a demonstration for local FBI agents and staff last month.

Shannon Farrell, who works as a lieutenant and in Public Health and Safety Outreach for Fire and Rescue, has been training dogs for 12 years with the help of her husband David, who works as a computer engineer but volunteers at Fire and Rescue. The Farrells own seven dogs — four are certified, and three are in training — who work for the county and help with rescues, tracking, disaster and much more.

In late February, some of those dogs got the chance to show the FBI what they can do. The team demonstrated its capabilities and competencies for human remains detection and more. The goal was to share what K-9 resources are available to area law enforcement entities. The dogs ran several successful demonstrations.

“Our dogs’ performances exceeded the expectations of our hosts,” Shannon Farrell said. “We are very proud of our dogs, and even more proud of the work that they do for the people of Sandoval County and beyond whenever needed. In addition to working with our law enforcement partners, this K-9 team also works with our Technical Rescue Team for search and rescue missions throughout the county and in other areas as requested.”