Sandoval County Clerk Anne Brady-Romero announced Monday that her office is initiating a dedicated effort to further improve the accuracy of voter rolls.

Brady-Romero said the public’s help is needed to do so.

“This office is committed to upholding the integrity of our election process and to continue to have the voter’s confidence through that process,” Brady-Romero said. “A first step is having accurate voter rolls. We need the public’s help to achieve this commitment. Family members are asked to share documentation showing that a loved one is now deceased, and also, the public needs to provide information that proves an individual’s change of address. By doing so, the voter rolls are properly updated, and individuals who changed residences know for whom and where they can vote in an election.”

The public can submit changes online, through email, by phone or in person.

“Our goal is simple: voter rolls accuracy and voter confidence,” Brady-Romero said. “This is why we have made sure that our residents can provide these updates easily and in a manner that is most comfortable to them.”

Brady-Romero also announced a Voter Rolls Update Event will be held at the County Administration Building from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, June 23. County Clerk’s Office staff will facilitate any updates. For more information on the event, contact the Bureau of Election at 505-867-7577.