As the election grows near, voters want to know about the candidates. Over the next months the Observer will be posting Q and As as responses come in. These are the candidates in Sandoval County.

Jeanette Clark(R), candidate for District 1 County Commission.

Observer: What is your background with politics, community, and your education?

I have been actively involved in Sandoval County for over 24 years, and over 34 years in New Mexico. I have enjoyed a rich and rewarding experience working as a community volunteer in New Mexico for over three decades. I have served on several boards over the years in the non-profit sector, and for the last 5 years, I have served on the Board of Directors of the San- Bern Federation of Republican Women, where I am entering my third year as President. As President, I inform the public about what is going on in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, and our state legislatively, and how that affects our citizenry in terms of law and taxation. We also support our Military, first responders, law enforcement, and Republican Candidates seeking public office, and encourage citizen community involvement.

I have over 40 years of real-world experience as a successful Businesswoman and Vice President of our 29-year-old family company where I utilize my education in Fine Arts. I employ people locally and understand the role of a County Commissioner in promoting business growth and attracting companies to create new jobs. I believe the demands of economic development and growth should be balanced against a strong financial foundation and understanding of long-term tax and funding impacts on citizens and businesses in our County. As County Commissioner, I will bring hard work, experience, passion, and leadership to the Sandoval County Commission.

Observer: Why are you running for this position in particular?

I wish to seek solutions that would make Sandoval County a safer, stronger, more productive, and more viable county in which to live. I am one of the many concerned citizens that has experienced challenging situations within Sandoval County, including rising crime and behavioral health issues that are burdening our citizens, businesses, and first responders, which has compelled me to run for Sandoval County Commissioner, because I believe we can do better on every level. I see the potential for improvements in numerous areas including, but not limited to, increasing public safety, crime mitigation, better stewardship of tax dollars, handling behavioral health challenges, refining infrastructure, boosting economic growth and development, promoting and reviving businesses, and building a viable workforce with first-class job training.

As a service-minded community leader, I work with all people with fairness and respect. I have a heart for people and a passion for progress. The issues we are experiencing affect all families, children, and businesses in the community. I possess the energy, insight, and follow-through to get things accomplished.


Observer:What do you plan to do in the first year (if you are elected)?

First and foremost, as a Sandoval County Commissioner, it is my duty and obligation to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens, and to build stronger communities throughout Sandoval County. I will address the priorities laid out by the Board of Commissioners for the 2023 Legislation session, which includes addressing important statutory and policy changes.

It is my hope that we acquire much-needed and improved mental health services, employees, and training, to help resolve the rising behavioral health and substance abuse crisis we are facing in our communities. Our citizens and businesses are affected by rising crime and the cost associated with this problem.

There is an immediate need to provide additional training and funding for public safety personnel in the 4 areas of crisis intervention and emergency response services. When addressing all of the crucial issues facing our communities, we need to be sensible about spending so as not to create a strain on County resources and revenues, thus unreasonably raising the taxes of the citizens of Sandoval County. I believe in a balanced approach that responsibly stewards our tax dollars.

Other target areas I would address as County Commissioner include infrastructure. As Sandoval County Commissioner, I want to ensure that development is completed regarding the next stage of Paseo Del Volcan, the 13th Judicial Complex expansion, and the Public Safety Center.

I want to work with my fellow Commissioners to ensure that these projects stay on time and within budget and include options to achieve this goal. With respect to the Detention Center Reimbursement Act, I will advocate that the State of NM pay the full amount of cost to keep prisoners in the Sandoval County Detention Center in order to lift that burden from the taxpayers of Sandoval County.