Samon’s hardware store at NM 528 and Southern Boulevard is closing after 31 years. Amy Byres photo.

After 31 years, a hardware store in Rio Rancho is saying goodbye — for now.

Samon’s is a family-owned corporation that started in 1971 in Albuquerque. It has about 11 locations across the state.

The supply store for plumbing, heating, cooling and more opened in Rio Rancho in 1990.

“The city of Rio Rancho is very important to us and always has been; there is just not a lot of locations for us to relocate to at this time,” said Samon’s President Jay Gotcher.

The company would like to eventually open a new location in Rio Rancho, he said. The store next to O’Hare’s Grille & Pub off Southern Boulevard lost its lease because the owners are demolishing the building for more parking, Gotcher said.

“We are sad to see it go. We have moved all the employees to other locations in the Albuquerque area; we are not losing any employees,” he said.

The plaza was among the first shopping centers in Rio Rancho, he said.

“We appreciate all the years of customer participation and our time out there,” Gotcher said.

The store is permanently closed, and management and staff posted a sign on its doors, thanking local customers.

Samon’s managers posted this note on the doors of the Rio Rancho store, which has closed permanently. Amy Byres photo.