Rio Rancho Public Schools held a special Parent U session Thursday to announce it is adopting a new software that allows students to anonymously report bullying, school violence, threats and any other inappropriate behavior.

The STOPit app makes reporting these types of behaviors easy and accessible to not only students, but their parents and and everyone in the RRPS community.

RRPS and STOPit representatives hosted the special Parent U session Thursday to give more details on the app and discuss how the system works.

RRPS Director of Communications Wyndham Kemsley was joined by STOPit’s Customer Experience Manager Nishad Fernandez, Vice President of Mental Health Solutions Kelly Romanovicz and Vice President of Partner Success Annie Martinez for the presentation.

“We’re very excited to roll this system out, and we look forward to providing these excellent solutions to our students in our community going forward,” Kemsley said.
STOPit was founded in 2013 with a vision to give everyone a voice to help stop individuals from inflicting pain upon themselves or others. STOPit has worked with more than 8,000 schools nationwide and served about 5 million students by providing a suite of school safety solutions including the anonymous reporting system.
“We are a mission-driven company and, simply put, we use technology to save lives,” Martinez said. “Our programs really do help to deter behaviors, mitigate risks and prevent serious violence. And they’ve saved really a large amount of lives.”
Martinez, who is part of the community affected by the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 that saw 26 people killed, including 20 students, at an elementary school in Connecticut, said STOPit gives students a safe place to share concerns in a way that they’re most comfortable.
The app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple Store, also offers a crisis text line that would put someone struggling in direct contact with a counselor who can help.
“We want to be able to again provide support and as close to real time as possible so these things don’t escalate to something more serious,” Martinez said. “The key problems that we address are violence on campus and suicide and the statistics and data surrounding violence at schools and suicide rates are continuing to increase. So the work that we provide is critically important in reducing violence on campus and suicide rates.”