Rio Rancho Public Schools and the Rio Rancho Police Department sent out a reminder for motorists to take extra precaution in school zones.

They are reminding residents of the following tips:

  • Slow down. Observe the speed limit in school zones at all times. Be aware of all stop signs in front of and around schools. Drivers must come to a complete stop and proceed with caution, looking out for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Be especially careful when driving on neighborhood streets and around school zones. Always expect the unexpected. Observe all traffic laws.
  • Be courteous. Do not block driveways or the flow of traffic.
  • Motorists and parents need to pay attention to parking regulations in and adjacent to school facilities. Be aware of “no parking” signs, red zones, fire hydrants, crosswalks, driveways and double parking.
  • Watch for children on bicycles, especially at intersections.
  • Stop your car when you see lights flashing on a school bus. Red flashing lights indicate that the bus is stopped and students are getting on or off. Don’t start driving until the red lights stop flashing. Be aware that a child may dash across the street.
  • School districts are tasked to make and enforce rules at each campus to ensure the safety of the students and staff. Follow your school’s rules if you are dropping off or picking your child up at school.
  • Please concentrate on driving and not on mobile devices or other distractions.

Additionally, RRPD will continue to monitor school zones and issue citations as needed. RRPS security and school staff will continue to evaluate and work to ensure drop-off and pickup processes run efficiently and timely. In addition, as traffic issues continue to raise concerns, RRPS is considering the use of speed humps, photo radar in school zones, video monitoring and even the possibility of revoking parking passes of students who drive carelessly.