Andrew Chavez, about 28, of Rio Rancho, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and receiving or transferring a stolen motor vehicle June 4.

Rio Rancho Police Dispatch reported that a U-Haul box truck was confirmed stolen out of the Albuquerque Police Department parking lot. Officers located the vehicle at the McDonald’s on Southern Blvd., which was occupied by two individuals and one male outside the vehicle.

The driver was identified as Andrew Chavez and the passenger as April Ebert.

The man outside the vehicle told police that Ebert and Chavez were asking him for directions and was let go.

Ebert stated she rented the U-Haul on June 1 they were unable to return the U-Haul on the expected date of June 2 due to her being hospitalized for an infected dog bite. Ebert stated she and Chavez were attempting to take the U-Haul back and attempted to contact the manager but were unsuccessful.

Chavez told police that he “had a feeling the U-Haul was going to be reported stolen.” Chavez also said that he was contacted by an Albuquerque Police in reference to the U-Haul, telling them he could not return the U-Haul due to Ebert’s dog bite.

During a search of Chavez, officers felt what they believed to be a weapon as well as two clear containers containing a substance Chavez admitted was methamphetamine.

If Chavez is convicted, he could face up to four years and a $5,000 fine.