Throughout its 20 years of existence at Rio Rancho High School, Key Club members have benefited the community in various ways.

From cleaning up trash in the neighborhood, to assisting in packing food for food banks, these clubbers have been a helpful aid wherever they’re needed. Even with the pandemic, Key Club members found a way to contribute and persist through these difficult times.

They did this by continuing to volunteer in any way possible. Doing events such as writing thank you cards to healthcare workers and completing certain types of online activities.

Every once in a while, the club will have a small celebration to recognize the work the members put in every month. They also try to hang out at least once a month to go bowling or participate in some sort of fun activity.

Key Club members helped to set up booths and tents at the Mayor’s Sunday is Funday event and got to go around to different vendors. Key Club also held a recruiting event for freshman jump start day at RRHS.

This is where members get the chance to recruit new members to Key Club and explain the benefits and scholarship opportunities.

The club has also helped out at Roadrunner Food Bank by moving boxes and supplies. This gave them the opportunity to contribute and communicate with one another to achieve a task.

Key Club is an incredibly helpful and inclusive club. It serves as a place to make new friends, discover new interests, and give back to the community. It has helped people in many different places in New Mexico.

There are also many personal benefits like scholarships and a feeling of fulfillment. Key Club is a very important club for high school students and is a great opportunity for helping out and meeting new people.