Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue (RRFR) officially reopened Station #6 in the Mariposa community Oct. 10 after a long wait for it to be open.

“Station 6 is currently open and staffed. We had a renovation project on Station 2 that lasted approximately three months. During that time, our Station 2 crew moved into Station 6. Now, Station 6 is fully reopened as well as Station 2, so all seven of our stations are staffed at this time,” Firemedic Sean Gerdemann said.

To fully staff Station 6, RRFR had to hire an academy. Once the last academy was acquired, Station 6 was able to run functionally.

RRFR has more than 100 staff throughout the department, but about 90 of them work out in the field. The rest of the staff is administrative.

“Station 6 is staffed with a captain, an engineer and a firefighter. It will rotate between three shifts: A, B and C,” Gerdemann said.

The full story can be found on the Neighborhood Journal.