Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol representative Danielle Lam holds up the announcement destined for Lilyan Moore of Rio Rancho on Friday morning. Moore won a rare prize of $600 a week for life. Gary Herron photo.

Let’s face it, the Prize Patrol from Publishers Clearing House doesn’t get out to New Mexico very often, much less to the City of Vision.

But this “Prize Patrol,” Danielle Lam, flew from her Arizona home last week to award $600 a week — for the rest of her life — to Lilyan Moore of Rio Rancho. Moore wasn’t home.
“She was actually in California,” Lam said. “We knocked on the neighbor’s house, who was watching the house.”
Lam called Moore.
“She was so excited; she was so thankful,” Lam said. “She’s gonna pay some bills, get rid of some debt.
“In my 11 years (with PCH), this is the only time a big super-prize winner wasn’t home. (Moore) said it would have been great to be there in person.”
PCH never notifies winners ahead of time. According to its website, one other New Mexican, a Chaparral resident, won in 2020, getting $5,000.