The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce has announced its support of the City of Rio Rancho’s three bond proposals going before voters March 1.

“The need for the proposed bonds to pass is helping the city continue filling the needs of our community,” said Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce President Jerry Schalow.

“The City of Rio Rancho has put together broad, fiscally responsible proposals to address the growing needs of our community, including public safety, quality-of-life facilities and road improvements. The chamber board of directors voted unanimously to support passage of all bonds,” he said.

Schalow added: “The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce recognizes that fiscal management of city resources, city services and public safety is directly tied to the vitality of (the) Rio Rancho business environment. We appreciate the numerous presentations the city is doing throughout the community to provide the opportunity to understand and analyze the need for these three separate bonds. We owe it to our community to provide adequate resources to ensure Rio Rancho is keeping up with expanding needs and growth.”

The permanent fund will provide additional reserves for the city that will build residual revenue for projects, infrastructure and maintenance.

The City of Rio Rancho has one of the lowest budgets in the state per capita, and it is important to ensure its bond rating remains strong.

The permanent fund will help the city maintain its high bond rating.

The chamber encourages members and other citizens to vote “yes” on the bond proposals and the permanent fund.