The Rio Rancho Police department asked residents on July 15 on social media to clean up trash and stop littering.

“The Rio Rancho Police Department asks for your participation in keeping the city clean. If you see trash please pick it up and throw it away,” the post said.

The department also referenced the trash volunteer program: “Toss No Mas” which has many volunteers to help clean up trash.

Here is their call to action:

Toss no mas New Mexico! It’s time to clean up the scene. This is our home. Let’s not trash it. It’s that simple. All trash goes in the can. If you have a load on your truck, tie it and tarp it. Littering costs us $3.5 million a year. Think of what else we could do with all that money. We all need to pitch in to clean up our beautiful state for ourselves and our visitors. Let’s keep New Mexico beautiful. Today and mañana.

Historically, the summer has been a time for people to slack off on trash clean-up. Now, law enforcement and the city are asking for folks to clean up after themselves.