Anthony Guardino, 48, of Rio Rancho, was arrested Jan. 30 for great bodily harm by vehicle, failure to give information and render aid, careless driving, leaving scene of accident, driving while license revoked and open container near the corner of King Blvd. and Unser Blvd. The charges stem from an accident that day between a motorcycle and an SUV.

Officers responding to the accident were notified that the SUV was leaving the scene, heading south on Unser toward King. The vehicle proceeded to turn onto King and then Wilpett. An officer caught up with it and pulled it over. The driver was identified as Guardino.

In the criminal complaint, officers note that he smelled of alcohol, was slurring his speech and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Guardino began to curse at officers and refused to leave the vehicle when he was commanded to do so. Officers had to force him out of the vehicle. The vehicle was towed, but not before officers spotted an open container in it.

At the police station Guardino admitted to drinking and driving and said the motorcycle ran into him. He said he got out to yell at the motorist and the motorcycle was on fire.

He also said pulled the motorcyclist away from the bike and helped him remove the items from the compartments of the bike. He said at this point another man came up and pushed him and that’s why he left the scene.

The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital by helicopter to be treated for serious injuries.

At the time of his arrest, Guardino’s license was listed as invalid.

If convicted, Guardino will face six years in prison.