Editor’s note: All charges against Adib Sadi in this case were dismissed Sept. 14, 2022.

A 24-year-old Rio Rancho man is accused of multiple domestic violence crimes, including two counts of battery against a household member.  

At about 7:20 p.m. May 15, the Rio Rancho Police Department responded to a call of a domestic dispute in progress on the 1600 block of 35th Street SE. 

A woman told dispatch that her son, later identified as Adib Sadi, was yelling, bullying his parents and threatening to kill his grandfather.  

When officers arrived, she said that Sadi was having a “manic episode” when he allegedly broke a piece of furniture and threw it at his grandma’s left leg that was in a brace.  

Moments later, he reportedly slapped his mother in the face knocking her glasses off and destroyed a television set in the living room. The women eventually left the house in fear.  

The mother then called Sadi’s dad “hysterical” saying that their son was having an episode, according to a criminal complaint. 

Upon the dad’s arrival, Adib requested money from him. When he told the suspect he didn’t have any, Adib allegedly picked up a fork from a dish rack “then struck at him” in a “downward manner” with the prongs facing down.  

When the dad grabbed Adib’s arm, the suspect allegedly hit him on the left side of the face before heading out the backdoor with the fork still in his hand, the complaint states. 

The dad, whose left side of his face was red, told officers he was driving himself to the hospital because he could not hear out of his left ear. 

Sadi’s mother and grandmother declined medical attention. The mother said she was uninjured and did not show signs of injury. The grandmother, who had heavy bruising and swelling in her left knee, declined to have photographs taken of her injury, according to the complaint.  

Sadi, who admitted to most of the allegations made by his family, was arrested and taken to the Sandoval County Detention Center. 

The suspect is accused of aggravated assault against a household member (deadly weapon), aggravated battery against a household member (no great bodily harm), two counts of battery against a household member, and criminal damage to the property of a household member.  

Sadi made no plea at his initial appearance in Bernalillo Magistrate Court May 16. The case has since been transferred over to district court.  

If convicted, he could face up to 5.5 years in prison and pay a $9,000 fine. 

The criminal complaint does not state how Sadi allegedly threatened to kill his grandfather.