A 65-year-old man was arrested last Friday after he reportedly hit a woman and tried to steal her vehicle.   

At about 9 p.m., Rio Rancho police officers were dispatched to calls of an incident involving a man and a woman near Cielo Vista Park.   

Earlier that night, a woman in an older sedan was parked inside the Shell station off New Mexico 528 and Sara Road when Michael DeHoney of Rio Rancho came up to her and asked for a ride to Albuquerque. He even offered to pay her for the favor.   

She agreed to drive him, but said she needed to first stop off at her mother’s house by Cielo Vista Park and see her children.

After arriving at the park, she dropped him off and said she would be back shortly. She also asked him to wait outside at the park, which DeHoney agreed to do.   

The mother was not home so the woman left a note and drove back to the park to pick up the stranger.   

When she arrived DeHoney yelled at her and asked what took her so long, a criminal complaint read.  

He then sat in the front passenger seat and continued to yell. She told officers that was when he allegedly hit her in the face causing a welt and laceration to the left side of her lip.   

DeHoney then hit her with his fists and told her to get out of the car, which she did, according to the complaint.    

The suspect got into the driver’s seat and told her to get his belongings that were left on the park bench. She did and asked DeHoney if she could get back in her car with the items. He agreed then asked her for the car keys.   

DeHoney fumbled the keys in his hands until officers showed up and arrested him.

The victim, who was “hysterical” and sobbing when officers arrived, refused to be treated by emergency medical services.   

DeHoney was taken to the Sandoval County Detention Center without incident.   

He is accused of assault with intent to commit a violent felony, robbery, a third-degree felony, and battery, a petty misdemeanor. 

DeHoney gave no plea at his initial appearance.   

If convicted, he could face up to 3.5 years in prison and pay a $5,500 fine.