Editor’s note: On Monday night Politico published a story that revealed that the Supreme Court is looking at overturning Roe v. Wade. It is a draft however, which means things could change before a final vote. An investigation is underway to determine who leaked the draft opinion. We sought the opinions of some Rio Rancho residents.


Stacy Ortiz, Rio Rancho: “It’s awesome. I’m a Christian so I believe life begins at conception. I’m hoping they will overturn Roe v. Wade.” 

Katie Clark, Rio Rancho: “I’m super pro-choice. Who has the right to tell people what to do with their body? If this country won’t provide resources for women and their reproductive rights, who are they say whether a baby should be born?” 

Donna Kager, Rio Rancho: “If they could overturn Roe v. Wade it would save a million babies a day, a year, whatever. It’s time.” 

Brian Smith, Rio Rancho: “It doesn’t mean abortion is going to be illegal, it just means the decision would belong to the state. Let the states do what they think is best.” 

Gary Alridge, Rio Rancho: “All states are looking like they’re going to pass laws against abortion. It’s just a matter of time before the Supreme Court throws it (Roe v. Wade) out.” 

Billy Henderson, a visitor to Rio Rancho who considers San Francisco his home: “I think it’s bullsh**. Because it’s wrong. Women have the right to do whatever they want. Everybody does. I’m pro-choice all the way. It’s their body; it’s their right.”

Sara Trujillo, Rio Rancho: “I think they’re (Supreme Court justices) stupid. … Let her decide, and when it’s time for her to stand before her Maker, that’s her business. No one should tell a woman, or a man, what to do with her, or his, body.

Jim Hovis, Rio Rancho: “I’m for outlawing it (abortion). If you were a young baby in your mother’s womb, do you think you’d be happy if she decided to put you out?”
Hovis said everyone will have to stand before God one day, and he couldn’t image standing there and saying he’d aborted hundreds of babies. Some who did would face corresponding millennia in the “lake of fire,” he said, referencing the Book of Revelation in the Bible. “I’m very opposed to killing babies, no matter what stage they’re in.”
Hovis said it’s different if the mother’s life is in danger. “That’s a real problem,” he said, adding that something has to be done to preserve life in that case. He said he’s known women who wanted their babies, but learned that delivering would kill them.

Maureen Kilcommons, Rio Rancho: “I’m a supporter of life… It was a good thing that President Trump had like three justices on there so we could support life. Yeah, I’m not that informed on (the reported decision), but I am not pro-abortion. I believe in pro-life.” –

Carol Maha, Rio Rancho: “Well, it’s stinks. That’s all I can say… It’s stinks. It’s a sad day for women.”