The Sept. 28 governing body meeting ended with some shocked looks from council members after some discussion about roads in Rio Rancho and more specifically the city’s plan to revamp residential roads.

As part of the city manager report at the end of the meeting, the city’s new newsletter was discussed. The newsletter goes over which roads are next for reconstruction. Some residents have expressed their frustration that their road hasn’t been worked on yet.

“There’s six districts in the city. You have no idea how big this city is geographically. If you’re a citizen in this city, if you’re really a participant in the process, then your part of the entire process not just your local neighborhood,” Councilor Jim Owen said as he addressed the people of Rio Rancho.

He continued to say that roads in Rio Rancho cover the whole city, not just one district.

“This is this is what we’re going to do, and then we all agree to it and we all share some of the benefit, OK? So Grow up; you have a great place, let’s act like it instead of being like little pouty children,” councilor Jim Owen said.

Owen’s comments angered Casey Robinson, a regular at the council meetings as of late. He tried to confront Owen afterward but was stopped by the council police officer.

The current roads under way are King Road, Hydra Road, Pinetree Road, Spring Road, Enchanted Hills Blvd., Pyrite Road, Quantum Road, Vortex Road and Laser Road.