Felicia Martinez, approximately age 21, of Rio Rancho, was summoned on battery charges April 17.

Rio Rancho Police officers were dispatched to a fight at the corner of Unser Blvd. and Autumn Sage Ave.  When police arrived, they saw a man holding Martinez back. She had a large amount of blood on her arm and was shouting, “Take me to prison.”

Officers detained her and she was willing to tell them what happened.

Martinez said she was on Unser Blvd. NE in the left turn lane to turn onto Autumn Sage Ave. NE when her car broke down and she could not turn. She said a vehicle behind her honked their horn and she got upset, exited her vehicle and confronted the driver of the vehicle behind her. She said she punched the driver and the blood on her arm was from a self-inflicted cut from a knife.

Officers then talked to the victim, who stated she was in the turn lane to turn onto Autumn Sage Ave. NE. The vehicle in front of her was not turning, so she honked their horn to get the driver’s attention. The victim also stated Martinez exited her vehicle, approached the vehicle and started swinging her fist and yelling. The victim was able to leave by reversing her car and came back once officers arrived on scene.

Witnesses stated they saw Martinez exit her vehicle, approach the victim and start to swing her arms and be verbally aggressive toward her.

Due to the officer not being present for the punching, Martinez was summoned and not arrested.

Battery convictions in New Mexico imprison people for as long as six months.