Freedom? Meh!

After having endured many years of Rio Rancho lawlessness, I’m standing for the rights of all of our citizens to public safety protection from the terrorists who claim they are celebrating “their freedom.”

I live in a “War Zone,” here in Rio Rancho.

My “so-called” neighbors can infringe on my rights anytime they want. They shoot off their illegal firecracker mortar rounds, their AR-15 rounds, they violate Rio Rancho’s noise ordinance, neighbors illegally surveil and shoot into each other’s property, they drive their off-road vehicles and allow their under-age children to perform acrobatic feats up and down our city streets. Hot-air balloons are allowed to fly so low that they hit our trees and houses.

This happens on a daily basis. Where is my right to privacy and property protection?

Why is it that so many of us citizens are not entitled to “our freedom?” We pay our taxes and the salaries of Rio Rancho public officials, police and firefighters, yet we are citizens in name only. That is how we are treated. We can’t even have election yard signs without them being defaced or stolen because someone doesn’t respect the color of someone’s skin, or their religion, ethnicity or gender.

No amount of communication with the Rio Rancho mayor, city council, police, or firefighters is respected or taken seriously. It is not “your choice” to enforce this city’s, county’s, state’s and country’s laws. You are sworn to represent, protect and serve all of our citizens. Do it now!

It is a joke that you claim to respect the service of our nation’s veterans, when you won’t even enforce the laws they fought for us to preserve.

Kristy Vanhofwegen
Rio Rancho