Rio Rancho will have an excellent opportunity this week to demonstrate that we are a community in the finest American tradition, when President Trump comes here for a campaign rally.

Some Rio Ranchoans support President Trump and/or his policies, and other Rio Ranchoans oppose him and/or his policies. I have no doubt that both supporters and opponents will make their presence known.

This is as it should be in America. In far too many places and instances, American communities have allowed differences of opinion regarding President Trump to become an absolute, no-communication dividing line among people. I hope and actually expect Rio Rancho to be different.

May everyone have their say while respecting the rights of others to do the same. May people stop and listen to what others with whom they currently disagree actually have to say.

And may the media acknowledge and elaborate on the substance of people’s views rather than covering the visit as spectacle and, thus, rewarding outrageous and inappropriate behavior in the process.

My own view of President Trump is largely defined by my belief that the most important ability necessary for a president is his (or, one day, her) ability to evaluate people charged with responsibility during the president’s tenure in office.

No president can be an expert or even come into office well-informed about everything that must be dealt with.

Whether civilian, military or intelligence, it is imperative that a president choose truly knowledgeable and reliable people to provide information and execute policy. Judging by the very high rate of turnover in the Trump Administration through resignations, forced resignations and firings, the president is seriously deficient in this regard, perhaps dangerously so.

It is for that reason I will look elsewhere in the next election.

Asher Zelig

Rio Rancho