The U.S. Army celebrated its 248 birthday across the nation Wednesday, and the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber joined the festivities with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the U.S. Army Recruiting building in Albuquerque.

There were snacks, music and cake as chamber members joined Army soldiers for the party.

“We want to thank all of you here with us today for your dedication to the United States and citizens around the world,” Chamber President and CEO Jerry Schalow said. “On top of that, for all of the fallen soldiers throughout the years. It’s amazing everything that you all do on a daily basis. I know you’re primarily its recruiting office, and you guys are talking to our young, showing them the importance of being part of the U.S. Army.”

The U.S. Army birthday is celebrated on June 14 because it is the date the Continental Army was established in 1775. The Continental Army was the first army of the United States, and it played a key role in winning the Revolutionary War. Today, the United States Army boasts over one million soldiers on duty, with an additional 800,000 Reserve  and National Guard members. It is the oldest of America’s six military branches.

“As you know, we are the best branch in the whole world,” Company Commander Talishabeth Fiuangaihhetau said. “Two hundred forty-eight years of saving the country; we just want to thank you all for coming out and being a part of this special day.”