We would like to thank the community for the outpouring of donations, thoughts, and prayers we’ve received during this devastating time — statement from family



An 85-year-old man who was pulled out of a Rio Rancho house fire by two teenage girls a couple of weeks ago has died. 

Allan McCoy passed away on April 30 from injuries he sustained from the fire, according to a family statement provided by neighbor Amy Fletcher. 

No funeral has been planned at this time, she said. 

“We would like to thank the community for the outpouring of donations, thoughts, and prayers we’ve received during this devastating time,” the statement reads.  

On April 22, Allan and his 77-year-old wife Mary McCoy were rescued from their burning home on Rio Ruidoso Road by Cleveland High School seniors Sophie Shurter and Brooke “Cue” Curley. 

The girls were heading to a park when they saw faint black smoke coming from behind Shurter’s house. They walked down the road and saw McCoy’s house burning. 

When they found Mary just outside the front door in a courtyard, Mary told them that Allan was inside.  

Shurter and Curley then found Allan standing semiconscious just inside the door. Shurter put her arm through one of his, Curley wrapped one of his arms over her shoulder and they half-carried, half-led him out of the building, the Observer reported. 

Allan was later hospitalized and intubated due to respiratory problems from smoke inhalation. 

After the incident, Fletcher and fellow neighbor Kailee Hicks ran a donation drive with Turtle Mountain Brewing Co. Restaurants serving as drop-off locations, to collect clothes, gift cards and money for Mary. 

So many contributions have come in that donations are no longer needed, Fletcher said, adding that if people want to give something they can donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and other organizations dedicated toward breast cancer and other cancer research.

Friends and family are currently working on finding Mary a rental home. 

“We’re so thankful to have so many great people in our community that have shown their love and support,” the family statement reads. “At this time our family kindly asks for privacy as we process the loss of Allan.” 

Fire investigation update

The cause of the fire remains undetermined due to significant damage to the home, Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Ryan Floersheim said.

The homeowners’ insurance company will be sending out their own investigators soon to complete an independent and full investigation into this incident. RRFR’s Fire Marshal Office will work with them during this process.

“Our thoughts remain with everyone involved during this trying time,” he said.