A Rio Rancho man faces 10 years in prison on a federal charge of receipt or possession of a destructive device.

On April 20, Homeland Security Investigations served a search warrant on Peter Ryan Lynch, 46, in the 200 block of Buena Vista Court NE in Rio Rancho, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday.

According the the department and a criminal complaint, the warrant was served in regards to Lynch’s receiving of firearm silencers from China. During this search, law enforcement found four pipe bombs and “related” materials in a backpack found in a closet in Lynch’s bedroom.

According to the complaint, one of the pipe bombs was a “fully constructed pipe bomb consisting of a PVC pipe, two end caps and a fuse/ignition system. There was black-colored powder inside the PVC pipe, consistent with gun powder or Pyrodex Powder.”

The New Mexico State Police Bomb Squad and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives determined the pipe bomb was functional and capable of detonation and that it may be classified as an improvised explosive device. The pipe bomb is undergoing further analysis.

The complaint also states that three additional pipe bombs “consisted of two smaller PVC pipes with end caps and one larger metal pipe fitted with end caps and a fuse.” Further analysis on those devices is also pending.

In addition, officers also found several inert grenades, which, according to the complaint, are commonly sold as collectors’ items after a hole is drilled into them and the internal components removed. However, at least one of the grenades found at Lynch’s residence had the hole filled, “which is consistent with preparing the device to be filled with a propellant.”

They also recovered a shotgun and corresponding ammunition from the living room and a ballistic vest in the master bedroom.

Lynch appeared in federal court for a detention hearing Thursday and “will remain on conditions of release pending trial, which has not been scheduled,” the DOJ release read.