An incident at Rio Rancho High School prompted a letter from Principal Millan Baca Thursday afternoon.

The letter was sent to parents to inform them of a student bringing a “realistic-looking BB gun to several other students in their classroom.”

“At no time was anyone threatened. However, this does not diminish the level of concern we have about a student bringing a BB gun to school,” Baca wrote.

A student reported the BB gun to a teacher, who then alerted school security. The student with the BB gun was removed from class and the BB gun was confiscated.

“Weapons, including BB guns, are not something that Rio Rancho Public Schools take lightly, and we ask that you are diligent in ensuring that your children understand the severity of bringing any weapons or weapon-like objects to school,” Baca wrote. “Those who do will face the full extent of the district’s disciplinary matrix and could face possible legal action and police intervention.”

This is the fifth time Baca, who took over as principal in early August, has sent a letter to parents about an incident on campus.

In September, Baca sent a letter to let parents know that the Rio Rancho Police Department and the Rio Rancho Public Schools Safety and Security Department conducted a search on a student’s vehicle and found a gun, drugs and cash. The student was arrested.

On Aug. 28, Baca sent an email to parents detailing an incident involving a student brandishing a fake firearm.

The letter said the school received a video from a student at 6:40 a.m. showing another student pointing a toy gun at some students as they arrived for school.

On Aug. 17, an email was sent to parents to address a fight on campus that involved a male student hitting a female student.

Baca did not mention the gender of those involved in the fight in the letter, but a video on Snapchat showed a male student punching a female student in the face during the fight. Two RRHS students told the Observer a girl was hit in the face by a boy.

On Sept. 6, Baca sent an email to parents to inform them about two students who brought toy cap guns to school.

The Observer also confirmed with two RRHS students that a fight on Sept. 7 at the school resulted in one student suffering a broken arm.