Despite what many Rio Ranchoans may believe, the City of Vision is not a one-horse town when it comes to internet service options.

Rio Rancho citizens have several internet options and soon will have another as Comcast is expanding into Rio Rancho.

The city of Rio Rancho and Comcast agreed to a nonexclusive franchise agreement in May, which grants Comcast the ability “to operate a cable television system and other services within the city limits by utilizing public places via the payment of franchise fees for a period of 10 years.” Among those other services is Xfinity, Comcast’s TV and internet service.

The agreement means that Comcast has the city’s permission to install and operate fiber, wires and equipment in city streets and other public rights-of-way in order to provide these services. The city also grants franchise authorities to public utilities and telecommunications providers.

Mayor Gregg Hull said Comcast bringing its services to Rio Rancho is a testament to the growth of the City of Vision.

“Comcast, I believe, has recognized the value of a city like Rio Rancho having over 100,000 individuals and somewhere around 40,000 homes within the city limits,” Hull said. “I’m glad we can finally put the urban legend to bed that the city of Rio Rancho had an exclusive agreement with any carrier. We’re grateful that Comcast has recognized the value of bringing their business to Rio Rancho, and we’re excited for the investment.”

That investment includes Comcast to pay 5% of gross revenues to the city of Rio Rancho. That revenue will be used to fund and provide a variety of public services through the city’s general fund.

“Comcast is investing approximately $150 million over the next several years to bring our full suite of services to residents and businesses throughout Rio Rancho,” Julianne Phares, director of external affairs for Comcast in New Mexico and Arizona, said. “Residential customers will have access to Xfinity’s internet, mobile, TV and streaming, home security and home phone products. This includes the company’s Internet Essentials program that provides low-cost, high-speed broadband for income-constrained households.”

Phares said construction is in early stages.