Chase Emener celebrates after his win against Art Duran. This was Emener’s MMA pro debut. (Photo courtesy of Rocky Ramirez)


MMA fighter Chase Emener won his pro debut against Art Duran at the Battle Mixed Martial Arts Championships in Pueblo, Colo.

Less than 80 seconds into the first round, Emener snagged a submission by rear naked choke.

“The victory felt accomplished. I had a strong camp for this fight,” Emener said.

For the fight, Emener put on weight and fought at 170 pounds. Since he usually fights at 155 pounds.

His preparation had to be top-notch.

According to his coach, Rocky Ramirez, preparation consisted of training three hours a day, six days a week. Emener’s workouts included weight training, MMA, mitt work and sparring.

“Coach Rocky [Ramirez] being the best… I have had eight years of him being in my corner which makes this victory much more super sweet,” Emener said.

In 2013, Emener met Ramirez at Pitbull Jiu Jitsu. When Ramirez started his own academy at Westside Power Gym, Emener followed.

Since then, Emener has competed in numerous jiu jitsu tournaments, kickboxing bouts, amateur fights, and now his pro MMA debut.

“My goal is to keep getting wins, train harder for bigger fights, and for opponents, down the road,” Emener.

Emener fights out Ramirez Jiu Jitsu /Westside Power Gym in Rio Rancho.

He will be back on the mats training for his next fight under the lights in the Battle MMA Championships: MMA Fight Night event on October 1.