Josh Lucero, a proud member of Rio Rancho High School’s Class of 2013, thought his senior class’s Prank Day plan was a perfect way to have classes called off for a day.

Knowing the statute of limitations has expired, so to say, he recalled the plan to use metal zip ties on all the gates to the school, “hoping to get a day off,” because they couldn’t be open to buses, parents, staff members and students.

Other classmates may recall that day, and probably other highlights of their time at RRHS when the 10-year reunion comes up.

It’ll be held Saturday, May 13, in the RRHS cafeteria. There’ll be music, a photo booth and more, but mostly, a chance to reunite and talk about the good old days of 2013.

So far, “about 50ish” of the 500 or so grads say they’re coming for the reunion.

I think people are waiting for the last minute,” surmised Nicole (Cordova) Abad, once a Rams cheerleader and softball player, who laughed as she remembered being told by her future husband Dicky after an event in the RAC that they were soon “going out.”

Lucero, playing a key role in the reunion plans, said the cost is just $30 per attendee. Reservations may be made through the class’s Instagram account or via Facebook; he can be emailed for more information at [email protected].

Five classmates gathered recently to reflect on those days of yore, when they were the first freshmen at RRHS since the Mid-High opened in 2002, relieving crowding on what was then the only high school in the city.

Cleveland High opened its doors in time for the 2009-10 school year, and the students who’d been freshmen at the Mid-High in 2008-09 headed to the CHS and RRHS campuses, depending on which side of Northern Boulevard they resided.

Lucero was joined by Faith Elkin, both Abads and Rachel Perez for some reflecting on days gone by.

Lucero still gets out to see Rams’ sports events, especially football and baseball games.

Today, he’s a virtual instructor, and said RRHS had given him a good start on life.

Dicky Abad is a Farmers Insurance agent and his wife is a director of property management; Elkin in an assistant physical therapist, while Perez is headed back to college to take more classes to someday by a physical therapist.

Elkin said she felt that RRHS had prepared her for college, while Nicola Abad said she’s begun her education in high school and when the family moved to Rio Rancho, she was far ahead of her classmates.

Her husband, whom she wed in 2017, said he got good grades at RRHS but didn’t feel

Prepared for what followed high school.

Perez said she didn’t feel properly prepared – “The only thing I recall is choir” – and described herself as “a wallflower” while attending RRHS.

Several of them said Tom Gutierrez – “he’s still here?” they asked – was their favorite teacher; Lucero said creating a budget in a class taught by Gutierrez, still teaching and coaching tennis, was “super fun.”

Each was asked for his/her favorite place on campus: Nicole Abad said the softball field; her hubby and Lucero said the Humanities building; Elkin and Perez agreed it was the PAC, where they fondly recalled entertaining in plays and dances.

Although the classmates said they didn’t think anyone “famous” had been among them grabbing diplomas one May day 10 years ago, one classmate had become “infamous.”

Christopher Giles was shot by police after breaking into the home of two YouTube celebrities in Austin, Texas, in February 2018. Although he had beee hit by police gunfire, an autopsy showed it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound that killed him.

Police said Giles drove to Austin to find internet stars Gavin Free and Megan Turney, Authorities in Texas said Giles shot out a window to get inside and the couple called police; Giles was shot as he tried to back out of the driveway.

Evidence found on Giles’ electronic devices suggested he was obsessed with the couple.