Regarding Jay Block’s recent “Jew-hating elected officials” dialogue, county commission meetings are for county business and not for him to rant incoherently in an effort to further his political career.

Yes, 1,400 Israelis were killed in an attack by Hamas, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed and millions have been displaced since Israel began stealing land from the Palestinian people the last roughly 75 years.

An estimated 1 million innocent Iraqis died due to George W. Bush and GOP lies about Iraq post-9/11, and possibly over 100,000 Afghans died during the U.S. 20-year failed war in that country.

The hegemony, invasion, occupation and colonizations by the West (United States, United Kingdom, Israel, etc.) is far more barbaric and disgusting in sheer numbers than anything that happened to Israelis … and it’s disgusting.

These uneducated, attention-seeking rants by Jay Block would be more appropriated on Instagram or TikTok where other “influencers” seeking validation and attention hang out, and not in commission meetings that are supposed to be about local issues.We don’t elect local people to be “jingoistic propaganda ministers” … for good reason.

Bruce Hutchinson

Rio Rancho