Northern Meadows resident Barbara Spetalnik says the community should meet privately to discuss issues with the Northern Meadows Property Owners’ Association.

“I really think the neighbors need to get together and talk in private,” Spetalnik said, “and come to a consensus of what we are going to do about this board that is not complying with the court orders.”

Neighbors must think alike because another Northern Meadows resident, Ed Uhrich, is hosting a meeting at his residence to discuss the Northern Meadows POA.

“August 1, 7 p.m., I am going to have my own meeting back here,” Uhrich said. “We are going over everything, and if you don’t like something, bring it, and we will put it on the list.”

Uhrich has lived in Northern Meadows for 25 years and is unhappy with the state of the Northern Meadows neighborhood.

“Half the people don’t even pay their membership dues. Why would you pay your membership dues if your yard looks like hell?” Uhrich said. “Weeds don’t get pulled, grass looks like hell, guys are sitting in their trucks all the time.”

Uhrich had reached out to Northern Meadows POA president John Vigil, who sent him to the main HOAMCO offices in Arizona. HOAMCO is the main management company of Northern Meadows and many others.

Many Northern Meadows residents have many questions for their POA: What are dues being used for? Why are residents being charged an “arm-and-a leg” for yard maintenance? Why is no one taking responsibility?

“I’m retired and I’m pissed off. I’m going to come at you with everything I got,” Uhrich said.

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