Brenda’s Car Wash has been completely torn down and talk of Raising Cane’s as its replacement has sparked both joy and rage.

“A million times yesss!!! Bring in Raising Cane’s please!!,” resident Roberta Igulu said.

Some like Igulu are thrilled to have more food options in the Rio Rancho area but want more upscale restaurants and possibly a Trader Joe’s.

“Raising Canes would have been better in northern Rio Rancho, Enchanted Hills area. Residents in this area are wanting more options, plus there is a ton of customer traffic in this area from the 550 travelers,” Marlene Bad Warrior said.

Others say they hate the idea of another chicken place as Chick Fil A is neighboring the location and Slim Chickens just opened down the road. Some joked that there will always be another coffee place, car wash or chicken restaurant.

“I’m not thrilled about Raising Cane’s going in at that location. As many people have already said, there are a lot of coffee, chicken, and car wash places along Southern,” says Kristina Madrid.

There are also a few that are sad to see Brenda’s Car Wash torn down.

“Bummed to see it go, been washing my vehicles there for longer than I can remember,” Jeff Osborne said, “I had no clue they were shutting down till I went in to wash my car and everything was missing.”

The timeline of when the restaurant will go up has not been confirmed by Raising Canes associates. The tear down of Brenda’s has created the space, though.