Rio Rancho residents near West Island Drive grew curious about a pile of trees left on the old golf course area.

“As a community, we haven’t heard anything. Last week, I noticed the Fire Marshall talking to some city workers out by the wood pile,” an anonymous resident said.

The pile of trees can be seen from West Island Drive.

“The work being done is property maintenance,” city of Rio Rancho Communications Specialist Jaley Turpen said. “This is on private property, so the property owners are the ones working on it.”

In 2022, Albuquerque business man Steven Chavez, developer of Mesa Del Sol, purchased the land that used to occupy Club Rio Rancho golf course and the country club. The purchase totaled 250 acres.

According to an interview Chavez did with KRQE 13, the goal is to give new life to the space that once occupied Club Rio Rancho.

Mesa Del Sol Director of Operations Jerome Gonzales clarified that the pile of trees will be removed soon.

“While we were doing work, there was a machine malfunction that required expedited repair, and it should be running by the end of the week,” Gonzales said.

Once the machine is up and running, the process of removing the dead trees will begin.

Club Rio Rancho golf course and the country club

If any residents near the old Club Rio Rancho golf course and country club have any questions or concerns regarding anything being done, they are asked to reach out to their local HOAs, who are in direct contact with Mesa Del Sol.