I feel compelled to write out of concern regarding the recent letter from Mr. Hutchinson. While his scathing condemnation of TikTok history is fair, his own knowledge of historical context (particularly concerning the history of the Middle East) is clearly lacking.

As a local history teacher, I would advise him and others who are actually interested in learning more about the conflict to read Benny Morris’ book “Righteous Victims” wherein he provides a thorough, research-based and sensible approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. His book is well-respected by historians and lacking in the hyperbolic nonsense prevalent throughout Mr. Hutchinson’s letter (and I assume Mr. Block’s comments before the county commission).

As a local Jew, I can attest that this has been an especially difficult period. I now have mixed feelings about sending my students to University of New Mexico (my alma mater), I dread encountering protestors with big opinions and little knowledge, and I keep an extra-vigilant eye when wearing a kippah or attending synagogue in Albuquerque.

I would implore my fellow community members to exercise restraint when expressing strong opinions about topics they are not particularly well-versed in, to read books (instead of headlines), and to consider the emotional and psychological well-being of the neighbors they might not realize are being affected by their slogans and actions.

Randall Guarnieri

Rio Rancho