Responsible people recycle. If you do a lot of recycling (i.e., filling your cart weekly) you are being very responsible.

People with good- to large-size families are going to be able to fill half to all of their recycling cart easily every week. Per your Aug. 4 editorial, the idea that people who are filling their recycle cart weekly should figure out ways to recycle less is preposterous!

If Waste Management is switching to an every-two-week pickup, then fine, but when one considers that a possible way to recycle less is to just throw stuff away instead, and be indifferent to filling the landfill (which I think is a mindset a number of people still have), the Rio Rancho Observer should not be suggesting that people figure out ways to recycle less.

And what, since you mentioned it, are some of the ways to “cut back on items that need to be recycled for items that can be reused”? It’s all good to talk in unclear generalities about such alternatives, but giving actual, specific suggestions may prove more daunting.

If there are examples, I’d be very interested!


James Baum

Rio Rancho