Real estate company recently studied which states are the most and least environmentally friendly 

New Mexico was rated as the third least green state in the country.

New Mexico had an index score of 35.2 out of 100. Mississippi was the worst with a score of 33.7.

“New Mexico ranks as the third least environmentally friendly state. This score comes in part due to the state having the fourth-lowest water quality score, scoring 12.3 out of 100. This is a result of a high proportion of the state’s population being served by unsafe or contaminated water facilities, approximately 1.1 million residents.

“New Mexico has the 13th lowest air quality in America, scoring 39.8 out of 100 for this factor. The state also produces some of the highest quantity of fossil fuel emissions in the country. Around 9,265 thousand short tons of coal is produced annually in the state.”