(Gary Herron/Observer)


It’s a blessing — Beverly Wingo


When Rio Rancho High School baseball coach Ron Murphy told his players of 79-year-old Beverly Wingo’s plight – a back yard full of weeds and a costly citation looming – they said: “Let’s go help, coach,” and they did just that Tuesday afternoon, with temperatures in the mid-90s.

Of course, when you get 40 teens raking and doing everything else associated with weed removal, it’s a lot easier than what Wingo, who broke her left femur in January and had surgery at Sandoval Regional Medical Center, would have had to endure.

She received a citation for weeds in her front yard, on Vancouver Road, and paid $200 for someone to remove them.

“The back yard was much worse,” she said, receiving a 15-day extension before being cited again.

With the Rams alleviating her problem, “It’s a blessing,” she said.