Now that Brenda’s Car Wash has been demolished to make way for a Raising Cane’s, plans are moving forward.

“The project is deemed substantially complete at such time that Raising Cane’s can open for business and operate said business at no ‘inconvenience’ to operator or customers,” the site plans state.

An open date has not been set for Raising Cane’s as several steps that have to be taken before opening.

Demolition of Brenda’s Car Wash was the first step. The new Cane’s will start from the ground up.

The next steps involve some pre-construction preparation.

“In each case, the process will include the review and approval of construction and site plans, the payment of plan check, permit and impact fees, the issuance of a building permit, scheduled inspections of the work in process, and approval at its completion,” the city’s website states.

Cane’s already has its building permit, so the next step building and inspection.

Building a restaurant can take anywhere from four to eight months, depending on any problems the contractors might run into and the inspections that take place throughout the process.