Observer: How many fake 911 calls/prank calls does RRPD get in one week?

Holt: Confirmed fake emergency calls vary week by week; however, we always take all 911 and non-emergency calls seriously.

Observer: Is there any way to distinguish a real emergency caller from a fake one?

Holt: The only way to confirm a fake call is by investigation. Officers must arrive on the scene and confirm any emergency or the lack of an emergency.

Observer: What do the calls usually claim? What sort of “emergency” situations do people come up with?

Holt: The calls vary from a domestic incident to an in-progress active shooter.

Observer: What is the policy for sending an officer out to one of these callers? Do they have to go every time?

Holt: The overall policy is that we will respond to any emergency call in our jurisdiction and to other locations when requested and appropriate. Once officers have arrived, they will assess the situation and adjust the response accordingly.

Observer: How much of a strain does this put on officers and dispatchers?

Holt: It depends on the time of day, staffing, resources needed and other factors.

Observer: What sort of penalty do people face for abusing 911 call privileges? Repeat callers?

Holt: NMSA 63-9D-11.1  states that improper use of the 911 system is a petty misdemeanor and could carry a fine of up to $500 or up to six months in jail.

Observer: Any advice for callers? What would you tell people who waste RRPD’s time? 

Holt: Wasting the time of the police puts the entire community in danger. We would encourage anyone who is considering calling the police with a false report to not do it and anyone who has information about someone else abusing the 911 system to contact us at 505-891-7226 with the information.