The New Mexico Gas Company hosted a community open house Nov. 6 to allow residents affected by the proposed liquified natural gas facility to learn more about it and to let them know about the upcoming public comment hearing with the New Mexico Public Regulations Commission.

In July, NMGC caught some backlash and concern from Rio Rancho residents about the proposed facility. However, the company defended their proposed facility, saying some of the concerns had no basis in facts or were just unwarranted all together.

At the open house, NMGC detailed the process to get the LNG facility up and running. NMGC hopes to begin construction in 2024.

Before the construction can begin, the company had to apply with the NM Public Regulations Commission to construct the facility. Part of the approval process is a public hearing with the NM PRC, which is set to take place Nov. 20 in the Sandoval County Commission Chambers in Bernalillo.

After that, NM PRC will deliberate and come to a decision in 2024. The fate of the pending construction of the LNG facility hangs on the PRC decision made next year.

Those wishing to speak at the public hearing with the Public Regulations Commission have to register by emailing [email protected] or calling 505-490-7910.

The public comment will be conducted via zoom and telephone. It will be streamed on YouTube through the PRC channel.